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Build Your Skills

Hands-On Industry and Construction Safety Courses

Earn essential certifications. Create a safer work environment. Get hands-on experience during training programs tailored to your needs within certification specifications. Our catalog includes a variety of certification industry and construction safety courses based on ANSI, ASME and OSHA standards and regulations. We offer all courses in both English and Spanish. We train you on the most up-to-date curriculum in our state-of-the-art facility or on your own job site.

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Our Approach in Action

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Selecting your industry or construction safety course presents a challenge. You have numerous options available in a variety of formats. However, will online videos or outdated workbooks be enough to equip you with life-saving knowledge?

Academy Training Center offers training courses focused on critical safety needs. We can even tailor your course to your industry’s specifications and regulations. We deliver every course in English or Spanish. Our flexible courses include off-site training in our modern facility as well as convenient on-site training. Our commitment is to deliver the best training experience possible to promote workplace safety.

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Personally Train with Industry Professionals

Industry-experienced trainers develop and lead all of our courses. Rather than relying on videos and slideshows, they employ hands-on techniques to apply practical knowledge. Train with professionals with real-life industry expertise.

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Choose Cost-Effective Courses

Safety is an invaluable investment. Our flexible options allow you to select the best course type for your needs. Get the most out of your investment when you hire our trainers to visit your job site. Our trainers provide critical, real-world knowledge as well as practical training on the specific equipment your crew uses.

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Earn Important Certifications

Empower your own career advancement with workplace safety certifications. Choose from course options spanning all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for a promotion or to improve your own skills, boost your credentials and achieve a safer workplace. Earn certifications from our courses tailored to your specific industry. Take life/safety matters into your own hands.