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Person conducting tower rescue training

Climbing towers can be a hazardous job if you don’t use proper climbing techniques and fall arrest equipment. This practical program will address aspects of tower climbing to ensure each participant gains the proper knowledge to mitigate potential fall hazards and to feel comfortable working at heights on skeletal structures.

Classroom enrollments are kept to a low number to afford each student the maximum time on the tower practicing the techniques and gaining a level of comfort.

Students will receive a workbook for the class and certification upon completion.

Who should attend

This course is designed for managers, immediate supervisors of authorized rescuers or individuals working at height and is for the supervision, implementation and monitoring of a managed fall protection rescue program.


Duration: 2 days (up to 16 hours)

Topics Discussed

  • Fall protection oversight – regulatory bodies
  • Fall arrest systems review
  • Work positioning equipment
  • Ladder fall arrest systems
  • Climbing techniques
  • Work planning
  • Free fall distance calculations
  • Clearance requirements

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