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Rigging of a crane

The Complete Guide to Rigging Training

If you’re seeking the best rigging training course to match the specific needs of your workplace or industry, then you’ve come to the right place! We created this handy guide that answers all your questions related to rigging training in Florida, so your employees can achieve the appropriate rigging certification.

In this comprehensive guide to rigging training, you’ll discover the different types of rigging training courses available in Florida, the most important topics covered in rigging training certification, the length and cost of rigging training courses, and how to find the best rigging training for your employees.



What are the different types of rigging training courses?

Rigging Training Course

Several types of rigging training courses are available in Florida, and each can be modified appropriately to meet the specific needs of your industry or workplace. Rigging training courses available for you to sign up for include:

  • Qualified Rigger Level 1
    An entry level course for basic qualified rigger trainees, the Qualified Rigger Level 1 course is based off NCCER internationally recognized certification.
  • Qualified Rigger Level 2
    An intermediate level course for qualified rigger trainees, the Qualified Rigger Level 2 course is based off NCCER internationally recognized certification.
  • Advanced Rigging Seminar
    A four-hour rigging course designed for supervisors, riggers and rigger inspectors, and safety and training personnel, the Advanced Rigging Seminar offers an overview of the requirements and proper working practices related to mechanical lifting.
  • Rigging Inspector
    Rigging inspector training is designed to provide each participant with the knowledge necessary to become an in-house rigging inspector.

Before you sign up for any of the above rigging training courses, employees need to make sure the specific course details match the requirements of their position. Likewise, employers need to check course details carefully to ensure they match any related requirements or incentives in their insurance coverage.


What are the most important topics covered in rigging training?

Qualified Rigger TrainingEach of the different rigging training courses cover a variety of essential topics depending on the specific course you choose to sign up your employees for. In general, rigging training addresses aspects of the following topics and more:

  • Safe Use and Inspection of Chain, Synthetic, Metal, Mesh, and Wire Rope Slings, as Well as Specific Rigging Hardware
  • Identification of Common Load Configurations and Positioning
  • Specific Knowledge of Crane Operations, Including Voice and Radio Communications
  • Performance of Specific Rigging Operations
  • Proficiency in Load Dynamics and Load Weight Estimation
  • Calculation of Equipment Capacities

In addition, the Rigging Inspector course features such additional topics as:

  • Safety Standards and Regulations
  • Sling Terminology and Definition Types
  • How to Use Standard Weight Table
  • Rigging Hardware, Hooks, and Wedge Sockets
  • Correct Way to Write Up Inspection Reports

For a complete list of topics related to specific rigging training courses, visit our list of construction safety courses.



How long is a rigging training course?

Rigging Training in Florida

The length of rigging training varies depending on if you are signing up for Qualified Rigger Level 1, Qualified Rigger Level 2, Advanced Rigging Seminar, or Rigging Inspector.

The Qualified Rigger Level 1 course takes up to 2 days/16 hours, while both the Qualified Rigger Level 2 and Rigging Inspector courses take up to 3 days/24 hours. The Advanced Rigging Seminar takes up to half a day/4 hours. Note that for Qualified Rigger Level 1 and 2, the number of days will vary depending on the number of students and testing.

Consult our list of safety courses to find out all the essential details you’ll need before signing up for rigging training.



Rigging IconHow much does a rigging training course cost?

The cost of rigging training varies considerably, depending on which rigging training course your employees need to take to obtain rigging certification. To find out the cost of a specific rigging training course, please visit our complete list of safety training courses and click on the one that interests you for more information.



How do I find the best rigging training in Florida?

To find the best rigging training, you’ll want to seek out an established facility with proven results that offers courses blending classroom learning from industry-trained specialists with hands-on activities that will benefit your employees the most.  

Academy Training Center features the most comprehensive rigging training from our safety training specialists who provide the most interactive and innovative safety training courses in Florida. Each of our rigging training courses are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your workplace and industry.

By signing up for rigging training at Academy Training Center, you enjoy the option of taking courses at our state-of-the-art Tampa Facility or at training locales throughout Florida. In addition, onsite training can be arranged at your Florida workplace itself for ease and convenience.

For complete information about rigging training and other safety training courses available at Academy Training Center, contact our safety training specialists today!