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on-site training

Training at Your Location

Academy Training Center offers option of training at your location. We can train and certify your personnel at your job site and with your equipment. We have the industry expertise and certified trainers to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and certifications to keep you safe. Protect your workplace. Protect yourself.

All our courses involve hands-on training as an integral part of the program and the curriculum is based on latest information on ANSI, ASME Standards and OSHA Regulations.

We can customize our program to fit your needs of equipment and personnel. In addition, we can provide testing and certification specific to your equipment.

Benefits of Training & Your Location:

  • Little down time
  • Cost savings on travel expenses and company time
  • Training based on skill level from the beginner to advanced
  • Hands-On training on companies’ own equipment (we can also provide equipment)
  • Personalize training to the company needs (number of employees and duration of training)
  • We will provide all the materials for training & certification

List of Courses:

For more information about training at your location and all construction safety courses available at Academy Training Center, contact our experts today or call 1-813-678-2525!